Why Get Your Texas LTC?

Thou Permit-less carry has been signed into effect September 1st, 2021, it comes with a lot of restrictions. Avoid many of these restrictions by obtaining your Texas LTC (License to Carry).

Having a Texas License to Carry provides you with more protection to carry in more places. If you are serious about being able to carry a firearm without all the restrictions of Permit-less carry than the Texas LTC, also known as CHL, CCW etc., is the only way to go.

Texas License to Carry Benefits

  • Carry in 37 other States
  •  When purchasing firearms, bypass backgrounds checks
  • Ability to carry in Federal Gun Free School Zones
  • Able to carry in Hospitals and amusement parks
  • Carrying in College Campuses and College Sport Events
  • Airport Protection
  • Learn the laws
  • Peace of mind

Enjoy these and many more benefits when you receive your Texas License to Carry. Getting your Texas LTC has never been easier. Simply take our Texas LTC class online. The class can be completed from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in as little as 4 hours or at your own pace.

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