Texas LTC Shooting Qualification

The Texas LTC (License to Carry) shooting qualification is not as difficult as some might think. It is a very basic level shooting proficiency, and most shooters will pass it on their first attempt. One of the reasons the shooting portion is required to obtain a Texas LTC, is to show safe handgun handling. The shooting qualification is scored by a Texas License to Carry instructor. 

The Texas LTC shooting qualification requires to shoot a stationary target at various distances within a certain time. Don`t get discouraged by the timing, most new shooters can hit their intended target with time to spare.

Texas LTC Shooting Qual Distances

You will be instructed to shoot in different sequences within a generous time window at different distances by your Texas License to Carry instructor. The shooting portion will be the same across Texas, as a set standard by State Law. A majority of shooter reach the required score to pass the Texas LTC shooting portion at the 7-yard line. 

  • Target at 3 yards 20 rounds
  • Target at 7 yards 20 rounds
  • Target at 15 yards 10 rounds

Handgun required

According to State Law, you are allowed to use any Handgun without restrictions for the Texas License to Carry shooting qualification. You will be able to use a revolver or semi-automatic handgun. State Law also allows you to shoot any caliber, to include .22lr. It is recommended that you bring a Handgun that you are comfortable with. Some Texas LTC instructors will have rental firearms that you may use to qualify with. Get started today. Sign up for our online Texas License to Carry class. The classroom part can be completed in as little as 4 hours. It is self-paced and accessible from any device connected to the internet. It has never been easier or faster to obtain a Texas License to Carry.

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