Texas License to Carry Tips

We will cover some helpful Texas License to Carry Tips in this blog. There has been an increasing number of people that choose to obtain their Texas License to Carry and conceal carry a firearm daily. As we hear more and more about crimes being committed, the need to protect live and property has increased as well.

Right Tool for the Job

When it comes to selecting a firearm to carry daily, there are many things to take into consideration. Shooter’s preference is an important factor, some people may prefer a firearm that is heavier in weight to counter some of the recoil while others opt for a lightweight gun to make it more comfortable to carry. Another thing to consider is the size of the firearm, (Full-size, Compact, Sub-Compact) and of course the caliber. Ultimately the firearm should feel comfortable in your hand and on your person.

Get a Proper Holster

Once you`ve decided on the perfect firearm for you, make sure you have a good quality holster. There is a huge variety of holster made from different materials for different carry positions. Ensure that the holster fully encloses the trigger guard for peace of mind while carrying. Some of the more common holster position are Inside-the-Waistband ( IWB ), Outside-the-Waistband ( OWB ) and Appendix-Carry ( AIWB ). The 2 primary materials used for holsters are Kydex and leather. Kydex which is a thermoplastic that`s usually molded specifically for your firearm. Leather is a more natural material and has a generally looser fit, the leather may shape itself to the firearm after continued use.

Continuous Training 

As we always mention, shooting is a perishable skill. Continuous training is required to have the best chances of success. Do not wait until you`re presented with a threat to start practicing your draw from concealed carry and accuracy. It is our responsibility as Texas LTC holders to maintain firearm proficiency and knowledge of current laws and regulations. 5-10 minutes a day of practicing your draw from a holster can make the difference. Go to the range and train with a strong two-handed grip as well as strong hand only and support hand only to be prepared for any situation you may encounter. Developing muscle memory through continuous repetition is the best way to beat complacency.

Leave it alone

It is important that your firearm is positioned comfortably and well concealed for all-day carry. Avoid reaching for and adjusting your holster/firearm while in public. If the holster/firearm really does need to be adjusted, find a private place to do so. Reaching for or adjusting your setup will draw attention and may give away your intention of carrying concealed. It`s best to wear loose fitting clothing to avoid “printing” ( gun showing through clothes ), but be sure that whatever garment you wear is easy enough to get out of the way when drawing from concealment.

Keep one in the Chamber

Get in the habit of carrying your firearm with one round in the chamber. In real world situations and scenarios, you will likely NOT have enough time to chamber a round. Firearms are designed to be safe with a live round in the chamber, even if the gun drops to the floor or gets bumped into. Maintain proper trigger discipline to avoid an accidental/negligent discharge.

Be Familiar with the Laws

It is your responsibility as a gun owner to know state and federal laws. Always study up and stay informed on the latest changes concerning firearm laws. Avoid travelling to other states without checking out their local firearm laws or call the local sheriff prior to your arrival. What may be acceptable in Texas and many other States may be a felony in California or similarly 2A unfriendly States.

These Texas License to Carry Tips will help you be more prepared for the Texas LTC course and everyday situations

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