Proper Range Etiquette 

The observance of Proper Range Etiquette provides a safe and enjoyable experience for you and the people around you. These are also known as Range Rules. Indoor and outdoor ranges alike, share a common set of Range Rules and expect shooters to follow Proper Range Etiquette.
The Pridwen Tactics Training Team will outline some common Range Rules to help you understand Proper Range Etiquette.

Whether it`s for the shooting portion of the Texas LTC course or  recreational shooting it is best to know and be an example of  Proper Range Etiquette while visiting any public range.

Besides the basics gear like proper eye and ear protection, there are a few more things that you should consider when visiting a shooting range.

All firearms should be transported inside of a case or bag designed for firearms. Any casing and uncasing of any firearm should be done at your designated shooting position at the firing line. Avoid taking out any firearms behind the line of fire, there is a great potential to flag other shooters at the range. Once the firearms have been placed at the firing line facing in a safe direction, your other range gear, (range bag, extra targets, etc.) can now be placed to the side or behind the firing line. When you`ve completed the Texas LTC shooing portion or your recreational shoot, make sure to leave the firearms at the shooting bench on the firing line facing in a safe direction. Bring your range bag and other gear to the bench where the firearms are resting in a safe condition. While keeping the muzzle down range. you can begin to case your firearms.

Hand-to-Hand transfers are prohibited on most if not all ranges. It is an unsafe practice that occurs when two or more persons share a firearm without following Range Rules. It is perfectly fine to share a firearm when Proper Range Etiquette is being used. Always place your firearms on the shooting bench at the firing line facing in a safe direction. Let your Texas LTC instructor, range staff, or friend pick up the firearm from the shooting bench.

Many ranges have multiple shooting lanes right next to each other. If you have been assigned multiple lanes by the range staff or find yourself at the wrong lane, avoid transfering your firearms from lane-to-lane without the firearm being secured in a case or range bag. Be aware of your surroundings and muzzle.

Practice general housekeeping while at the range. Clean up after yourself. Most indoor ranges will have a firing line which no one is allowed past. The spent casings are generally pushed forward of the firing line. Sweeping your spent casings up will keep the range safe and clean by preventing a possible slip and fall. Housekeeing also includes throwing your used targets away and resetting the target system.

If you observe something unsafe, you should flag down the range staff immediately to address all safety concerns. Every person on the range is to be considered a safety officer and has the right to point out safety violations.

Understanding and practicing these rules and etiquettes will better prepare you for the Texas online LTC course and shooting proficiency course.

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