Pistol Clearing Procedure 

One of the very first tasks to be mastered should be the pistol clearing procedure, making it safe.
Understanding and following proper firearm clearing procedures ensure the safe handling of firearms.
In this blog the Training Team at Pridwen Tactics will cover the steps necessary to properly clear a firearm and make sure it is unloaded.

Clearing a firearm starts with removing the source of ammunition. The source of ammunition would be the magazine for most firearms. Set your magazine to the side, a safe distance away from the firearm. Ensure that there is no other ammunition in the general vicinity of the firearm to be cleared.

Once the magazine has been removed from the firearm, the chamber has to be cleared. In order to clear the chamber, the slide of the firearm will have to be pulled back all the way to the rear until you can visually inspect the chamber and magazine well. Ensure no live ammunition remains in the firearm.

After visually inspecting the chamber and magazine well, the firearm will need to be rendered safe by locking the slide to the rear and show clear. Pull the slide back to the rear while pushing up on the slide lock until the locking mechanism engages with the slide. A firearm can be considered safe when the chamber and magazine well are empty and the slide is locked to the rear.

Your Texas License to Carry instructor will observe your manipulation of your firearm, basic pistol clearing procedure should be mastered before taking the shooting qualification. Become familiar with steps listed above to safely clear most semi automatic handguns.
Use this knowledge to better prepare yourself for the Texas LTC online course and Texas LTC shooting or when recreationally shooting.

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