Firearm Safety Rules

There are 4 basic firearm safety rules that, regardless of experience level, should be observed when being around or handling any firearm. Our number one priority will always be safety. Pridwen Tactics is dedicated to making firearm education as safe and enjoyable as possible. Practicing these rules will make you an example of safety and will prepare you for your Texas LTC online course.

◦   Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded

◦   Never point any firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy

◦   Finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire

◦   Know what is in front and behind your targets

Treating any firearm as if it is loaded is an important habit to develop to ensure safe handling of firearms. When you find yourself around firearms, the very first thing to consider is the status of the firearms, this means whether the firearm is cleared or not. Always think, is this firearm chambered? To be absolutely certain you should always clear the firearm and make it safe. *see clearing procedure blog for more instructions.

The second safety rule is very straightforward, NEVER point the firearm at anyone or anything, regardless if the firearm is cleared. Your firearm needs to ALWAYS be pointed in a safe direction and away from others to prevent accidents.

It is crucial to keep your finger off the trigger and above the trigger guard along the slide until you are ready to fire. The firearm will not fire unless the trigger mechanism is pulled back. Trigger discipline is a vital aspect of being safe and responsible. Your trigger is your last safety.

The fourth safety rule is imperative in making sure that only your intended target is hit. As Texas LTC holders it is your responsibility to understand what is before, and what comes after your target. By following this rule we can minimize the potential of accidents and keep our community safe.

By understanding and following the Firearm Safety Rules listed and explained above, you will be able to safely handle firearms and ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you. It is also important to enforce these rules. If you observe poor handling of firearms by others and it makes you feel unsafe, remind them of the firearm safety rules and ask that they follow these safety rules as well.
Practicing these rules will better prepare you for the Texas LTC online course and will jump start your knowledge of firearm safety.

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